Dema® Titan II Warewash 2 Chemical Dispenser - Pump/Pump

Dema® Titan II Warewash 2 Chemical Dispenser - Pump/Pump

Item # DEMT812LL

  • The first of its kind with its unique auto switchover mode designed to reduce service calls and create a more profitable installation.
  • Main power: 100-265VAC; Motor: 24VDC
  • Trigger Voltage: 24-480VAC; Case material: ABS
  • Environmental temp: 32-104°F
  • Liquid Detergent/Liquid Rinse
Pump/Pump, ea
Manufacturers Item #T-812-LL

Pre-wired for quicker installation. Can be set up in concentration, probeless or auto switchover mode. In auto switchover mode, Titan II automatically switches to probeless mode if the probe fails to function correctly. Once the condition is resolved, it will switch back to concentration mode and log the switchover eliminating the need for an emergency service call. Spring loaded 2-roller design for extended tubing life. No tool quick change squeeze tube and quick connect fittings.


  • Diagnostic mode and built in rack counter.
  • Feed rate adjustment adapts to size of machine.
  • Non-volatile memory allows pre-programming prior to installation.
  • Digital programming with multilingual display - English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.
  • Programmable company information and service message to personalize dispenser.